Fertility Services

Take Charge of your Fertility


If pregnancy is not forthcoming, and you are getting depressed and frustrated, you might need to get expert help. Health care fertility specialists at My Clinic are board-certified and provide a wide range of services to people with fertility setbacks.


As you and your spouse get a fertility evaluation at our centers, our team of healthcare providers will look at your entire medical history. It will help us ascertain the kind of testing you and your partner require, as well as the specific action to take to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.


Similarly, our fertility center combines nurturing support and unmatched expertise to make your dream of having a child a reality. Our successes in the field of reproductive health have given us an edge. We go above and beyond to put smiles on the faces of our patients.


My Clinic's greatest pride revolves around our personalized care for each couple and individual. What truly stands us out is our customized plan of treatment. With convenient hours and most advanced reproductive technology, we are poised to create a suitable treatment plan that fits your needs.



My Clinic provides Intrauterine Insemination (IUI):  Our experts keep sperm healthy by washing them off potentially toxic chemicals. During ovulation, they put the sperm directly in the uterus instead of the vagina, using a catheter placed into inside the cervix.



Nothing can be compared to the joy of parenthood. We can make you smile again. Give Us a Call Today!


When is IUI used?
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