Ultrasound Services

We Prepare You for a Easy & Complication-Free Childbirth


We leverage our several years of experience to deliver a full-service prenatal imaging center. We desire to create a comforting and welcoming environment so expectant parents can see their newest addition to the family. 


The expert technologists at My Clinic belong to the top-class in the industry. They are well-trained to deliver efficient services with cutting-edge ultrasound equipment that captures videos and images of the baby. Ultrasound technology has been used as a diagnostic test for fetal abnormalities. It also provides a glimpse of the womb. 


For ultrasound services conducted early in your pregnancy, it can be used to determine:


  • Estimation of your due date
  • Presence of more than one foetus
  • Congenital disabilities that may affect spinal cord or brain


 Much later in pregnancy, it may be used to determine:


  • The baby health status
  • The position and size of the foetus placenta and amniotic fluid
  • Expected weight of the baby


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